We specialize in Hardwood Floors...period. Please find below how we can help you DESIGN, INSTALL, or REFINISH your hardwood floors.

If you are considering installing a new hardwood floor or remodeling an existing room, let us show you how to do it right.

Custom wood flooring can range from basic finishing to high-end, handcrafted medallions and borders. Other options can include adding exotic wood accents to an otherwise standard floor or mixing wood with entirely different materials like tile, marble and brass.

Here are just a few of the many decisions you will need to make:

  • What kind (specie) of wood to use?
  • Should I add a decorative border or medallion?
  • Should I use gloss or matte finish for the look I want?
  • Which room should I install hardwoods in?
  • If I pick Oak for my floor, should I choose Red or White, and should it be "quarter sawn" or "plain sawn"
  • How do I maintain the floor in the future?
  • Are there other wood floor options other than 3/4" solid real wood?

We are hardwood floor specialists, so we keep only newer equipment and trucks on job sites to supply your team of floor technicians with the latest tools & technology to get the job done right!

The finishing step consists of sanding your floor use a powerful vacuum known as the Atomic Dust Containment System. We use this for most of our remodeling work. It will eliminate most of the airborne particles (saw dust) from sanding your hardwood floors. After sanding, we will leave your floors natural or apply a stain color of your choice. Our high quality stains come in a variety of shades and patinas. They are designed to penetrate and seal the wood, while adding luxurious color.

The final step is three coats of hard finish. We use three types of finishes; oil-modified polyurethane, waterborne finish that dries fast and is odorless, and Glitsa brand hard finish. All are high quality and will last for many years.

Urban Hardwood Floors will help you exceed your customer's expectations. Make your new homes stand out by designing and installing a hardwood floor that is as unique as your home designs. Over the years, floor contractors have installed the same red oak strip floors in every house. While this is an excellent floor when installed correctly, many home buyers want something more. Our quality hardwoods and premium finishes will stand out and help you sell the home! Your design considerations could include wood species, strip/plank size, threshold widths, borders, stain colors, top coat sheen and even metal inlays. We will be happy to provide recommendations based on your specific use and decorating plans.

We will show up on time, complete a top-quality job and have the expertise and flexibility to adjust or alter the work as needed by your foreman's requests. Our experienced crews are employees and take great pride in a job well done.

You know that when listing a house with Hardwood Floors - buyers love them! There is nothing quite like walking into a home with beautiful hardwoods.

How can you help your client sell the home faster and get you a commission quicker? The answer is - have your clients "recoat" their hardwood floors prior to listing the house for sale.

What is "Recoating"
If your floors have a surface / urethane finish, whether water or oil based, they can be lightly sanded (screened) and re-coated with additional coats of the same or compatible finish. This process does not sand down to the wood, thus no sawdust flying through the house.

This is a simple and quick update for the floors. Once completed, the floors look brand new again. Your buyers will love them. The entire procedure is done by Wood Perfects craftsman, and can usually be done in one day.

If you are looking for a hardwood specialist who will help you exceed your client?s expectations, please call Andy direct. Set your listings apart from the others by offering your potential Sellers the opportunity to easily "recoat" their hardwood floors. Please call us and let us know you are a Realtor. We will promptly give you an estimate and complete the job.

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